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A thousand thank-yous for the outstanding program of "Library Songs" that you and your rhythm section presented at the Oneonta Club meeting last September 14th. I have heard nothing but enthusiastic compliments about your performance ever since. Guys in the club sometimes ask me how come I get all the fantastic musicians for my programs, and I simply tell them that I have friends in high places. Your show was a real treat which we will long remember. Sincerely, Paul Kilian, Vice President Oneonta Club
Dear Andrea and Steve,
Thanks so much for adding such a wonderful musical dimension to our Friends Annual Meeting and Author Night last evening. It was great to see and hear you again and nice that you could bring Gene and Marsha too. And I know they weren't the only ones who loved your performance. Already I have heard many compliments about your set and I'm sure I will be hearing many more in the coming weeks. It was nice to hear you'd like to come back for a return engagement sometime. We'd love to have you back and I will be checking with you for a show this summer. Hope to also catch one of your club shows soon. Please let me know if I can ever return a favor in any way. I'm more than willing to write a testimonial for your website. Just let me know the kind you would like. Best regards,
Steve Fjeldsted, City Librarian - South Pasadena Public Library
Baker showed herself to be an inventive scat singer, reeling out a stream of nonsense syllables during “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “Blue Skies.” She also knew how to handle a ballad, as in her performance of “Stardust” and “The Man I Love.” James D. Watts, Jr. Tulsa World November 23, 2009
"One of the Southern California's most promising artists!" Steven Harris - San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Andrea has a great presence projecting great diction and uncanny swing! Ernie Garside, Artists Management, England
A simply beautiful voice! Jack Simpson Jazz on the Beach WUCF Radio, Orlando, Florida
"Incredible tonality and precision! Baker brings spot on pitch and warmth to her singing!" John Hammel, WNTI Radio,
"Baker shows that she can deal with both romantic ballads and up tempo material - she brings a good deal to the vocal table, showing off her considerable scatting skills." Dave Nathan - All About Jazz
"Baker is a true jazz artist of the highest caliber!" Robert Kehle - Director of Jazz Studies, Pittsburg State University
"A truly cool jazz vocal sensation - a stunning presence with a voice like silk thunder!" The Hot Blues & Cool Jazz Festival
"She produces such a variety of timbres that I wonder how just one person can produce such tonal variety. She can really swing, then switch to a ballad that is a complete change of mood and communicate it just as well as the swinging up tempo tunes. A very distinctive voice!" Carey Meister, KAWC Radio - Arizona
"Baker has an ear for blending jazz with contemporary music as her knockout vocals on Rock With You (Steve Wilkerson/Andrea Baker - Together - Skyline Records) prove. Her vocal, complete with multi-track harmonies is absolutely stunning - so good in fact that it deserves to become a hit again!" Ellis Widner - Tulsa World
"Andrea has astonishing voice control - never wavering on notes held and stretched. Her clear water vocals draw everybody back. She glowed on Besame Mucho and My Foolish Heart then rocked them around with I'm Walkin' before soothing with You've Changed!" Sandy Sterling - Jazz Society News
"Baker with a sultry voice that echoes Ella Fitzgerald and Jo Stafford brought a saucy flavor to such standards as My Romance, The Nearness of You and The Girl From Ipanema. She is strongest at scatting, using her voice as an instrument that rolls and bounces with the band." Anissa Vicente - San Gabriel Valley Tribune
"Baker's voice has a sauciness to it, an intimate, caressing feel that is very effective. She reminds me of Billie Holiday. - There is a quality to the voice that is hard to describe - an ethereal quality that lingers. She is first rate." Myrna Daniels - LA Jazz Scene
Recommended CD: Andrea Baker - Candles in the Wind Review by Czekus Mihaly Translated from Hungarian by Imre Silas An American Singer, Andrea Baker, has chosen a title for her CD that is pretty controversial: ?Candles in the Wind.? Paul Francis Webster and Phillip Lambro wrote this song in 1958. Five years later, Elton John wrote a song with the same title. There are 13 tracks on the CD, arranged by the singer. Most of the songs will be recognized by the listener. As one listens to the music it becomes apparent that Miss Baker sings with a lot of passion and expression. She adds her own unique, original style to the songs. Her voice has a quality that reminds one of a ?smoke filled saloon,? and she radiates femininity. It is very seldom to come across such a strong presence and unique personality. This CD is a welcome addition into a world of beautiful sounds. Czekus Mihaly for HIFI City - Audiofil
Andrea Baker carries on the tradition of singers that have a delivery that is jazz harmony and exemplary phrasing that drives the melody. (She) can sing the blues with passion and sincerity. Ms. Baker seems at One with the Blues. Great scatting Looking for classic jazz vocals, look no further than Andrea Baker, a class act. Paul J. Youngman - for Radio Vinilemania
Hi, A new GREAT CD, Candles in the Wind, is on air in Italy!!! Really an AWESOME voice!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Have a great day, P Vinilemania
"Andrea is the real thing. I mean this lady can do it all." L & H Sound - Jersey City
"Baker has excellent control, deliberate and breathless phrasing and a good ear. This is some of the most beautiful, thoroughly ingratiating music it has been my pleasure to hear." Johnny Adam - ALL THAT JAZZ-KNRY and KIEZ Radio, Carmel, CA
We just finished listening to Andrea Baker's CD - WOW! There aren't many recordings where you can pick any track and be assured a great performance - She will get regular play on our program! WSHR Radio - New York
"Baker is a true jazz singer! She does fast arrangements at warp speed and lingers hauntingly over ballads like Goodbye." Jerome Wilson - Cadence Magazine
"One of the best singers I have ever heard!" Ray Anthony - trumpeter
"...the title cut, Table For One, finds her (Baker) using the smoky quality of her voice to beautiful effect." John Wooley - World Entertainment Weekly
"How she digs in - lingering on the good lines. She swings like a female Sinatra. Her best acting comes on Black Coffee, pure at first; her voice slowly coarsens...Emotion is rarely this pure and seldom so lovely." John Barrett Jr. - Jazz Improv Magazine
"Control was the focus of singer, Andrea Baker's performance as she demonstrated a firm rhythmic grip both when singing a lyric and scat singing.... her phrasing also came with an even flow" Bill Kohlhasse - Los Angeles Times
"Baker, an expert scat singer who has complete control over her voice and who always sings in tune was quite relaxed during her performance as if singing songs for friends in her living room. She is definitely a name to look for in the future." Scott Yanow - Jazz Now Magazine
"Andrea Baker is one of the finest singers I have ever heard!" Joey DeFrancesco - organist
"Her clear ringing voice sizzles with rhythmic panache!" Zan Stewart - LA Times
"Are there indeed no new singers coming up to follow the Ella's and the Sarah's? Andrea Baker gives cause for hope. She has familiarized herself with the past mistresses of the art, sings ballads sensitively and scats . Add a pure sound and firm intonation and you have here the ingredients for jazz vocal stardom." Leonard Feather - Los Angeles Times
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